Subject: Canarie optical network Exshaw-Calgary outage
Category: Outages
TicketID: 20190503-001
Start Time:2019-05-03 11:53 EDT (2019-05-03 15:53 UTC)
End Time:2019-05-03 11:57 EDT (2019-05-03 15:57 UTC)


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Ticket was Closed

=== Updated by: Jun on 2019-05-03 12:52 EDT ===

The was another outage from 12:39:10 to 12:39:40EDT.

=== Created by: Jun on 2019-05-03 16:50 UTC ===

The optical network between Exshaw and Calgary
experienced an outage. The reason is unknown and is being
investigated. For layer3 IP peering, the traffic was
rerouted automatically.

The following network services were affected: